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Part funk, part jazz, part rhymin’, Downtown Mischief comes through slidin’!
Together they form a unique collective of musicians who met through the raw energy of Friday night jam parties. They have since evolved through a fluctuating community of members and friends to form a driving, pulsing machine that explodes with life on stage. An adventurous west coast lifestyle fuels their inspiration and it is apparent in their music. This emerging band will not only captivate you with their beats, smiles and words, but get you moving and grooving on the dance floor! .



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Downtown Mischief more not than often consists of; Wishbone Jenkins (vocals, guitar), Poppa Phat Smile (vocals, flute) The Tiger (bass), B!mac (drums), The Lone Ranger (saxophone), Andy Slade (keys), Ashley Wey (keys), Simba (bass), Dwayne (whatever needs doing), Improbability (trumpet), Mikey Viper Teeth (Sax), Crispy Bananas (vocals, trumpet), K Sweat (vocals), PoetikAli (vocals), Flomalia (Vocals), Krontokes (guitar), Liam Mackenzie The Local Celebrity (drums).







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